Around the world
Beef Fillet Mignon (08 OZ)
World famous French dainty fillet Mignon, cooked as per guest‘s choice ,
accompanied with brown gravy, Served with choice of potatoes & sauté seasonal
New York Strip Steak (12 OZ)     
Chargrilled delightful marinated New York Strip steak, cooked as per guest’s
choice served with choice of Potatoes, sauté Seasonal vegetable & Sauce.
Grilled Lamb Chops
Grilled lamb chops rub with rock salt, crushed black pepper, Dijon mustard,
garlic, Herbs, finest with lamb jus, served as per guest’s choice of potatoes &
sauté seasonal vegetable
Cajun Chicken Louisiana                                  
Cajun spiced grilled chicken breast, sautéed with multi pepper, onion, tomatoes,
seasonal vegetable puree & sautéed vegetables, mashed potatoes, on side
creamy lemon butter sauce
Spicy Grilled Chicken with lemon & mint
Grilled chicken, marinated with chef’s secret spices, served with baked potatoes,
seasonal vegetables and
Mariano’s signature Chimichuri sauce
Pan seared Chicken with Tarragon Sauce
Pan seared chicken breast, seasonal vegetable puree, on side feta Florentine &
sautéed vegetables, garlic mashed potatoes and Tarragon Sauce
Pan Crusted Gulf bay jumbo Prawns
Gulf bay Pan crusted Jumbo Prawns, seasonal vegetable puree, veal bacon mashed
potatoes, seasonal vegetables, almandine sauce & rice pilaf.
Grilled Red Snapper with classic Tomato Sauce
Grilled fish fillet, served with seasonal vegetable puree, Lemon fingerling potato,
sautéed vegetables and homemade classic tomato sauce
Steamed Fish with Creamy Lemon Butter Sauce
Steamed white salmon fish with sauté Asian green vegetables and Lemon Butter
Spaghetti ala Carbonara
Pasta cooked with light cream, egg yolk, veal bacon, seasoning ,topped with
parmesan cheese flakes served with garlic bread.
Rigatoni ala Polo Puttanesca
Grilled chicken, Aldente rigatoni pasta, Olive oil, garlic, crushed red pepper,
tomato sauce, well tossed, on topped with black Olives and serve d with garlic
Penne Pasta
Pasta cooked with tomato sauce, oregano leaves and parmesan cheese

Chef’s creation to complement the current season.